BaitZone - The Evolution Of Bait
Shoulders 82lb 10oz
BaitZone Chilli Hemp And Corn
Gary Bailey
BaitZone is ready to fish straight from the bucket!
BaitZone Ziggy Spod
BaitZone Bloodworm Dip
BaitZone Groundbait

PVA Friendly

Our products use a specially designed formula which means our bait is friendly to your PVA.


You can use BaitZone straight from the bucket. This means you can get fishing quicker.

Hand made

Each and every BaitZone product is hand made.


BaitZone products stay fresh for months meaning you can make the most of your money.

Proven Success Rate

Don’t just let us tell you how good it is, our customers and experienced anglers recommend BaitZone because it is proven to catch fish.

The Evolution Of Bait