BaitZone standBaitZone, The Evolution Of Bait.

BaitZone was established in 2009 with an aim to be the best at delivering PVA friendly bait. We have a wide ever increasing range of bait which is convenient, great value for money and proven to deliver results.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our baits, which we deliver in a strong re-useable bucket, which are both environment and fish friendly. Our baits are ‘Ready to fish’, just open the lid and use straight from the bucket, no need to prepare. We have taken all of the hard work out of preparing your bait. All our bait is produced by hand.

Our bait is on sale all around Europe, you can find a local stockist by searching our stockists page. We offer a very personal approach to our bait, aiming to deliver the best carp fishing bait in the world. We travel the UK visiting many fishing tackle shows so if you’re nearby make sure you say hello to us at our stall. You can contact us easily by phone, email or post with any questions related to our products.

You’ll often find us on social media sites updating all the time, so ‘like us on Facebook‘, ‘Tweet us‘ or take at look at ‘BaitZone TV on YouTube‘. We will answer questions sent through social media and often hold competitions for free bait so stay subscribed. Caught a fish and want to share it with us? Upload it to any of the social media sites we are on and we will share it with our readers and put it on our website.