Hemp Range

BaitZone’s hemp releases an attractive flavour which fish find irresistible. This product is 100% PVA friendly. Once opened this product stays fresh for months and comes in a re-usable PET jar. This product is ready to use and does not require any preparation.
You do not need to freeze it, put it in the fridge or throw it away.
Hemp comes as a clean Hemp, Hemp&Corn, Garlic Hemp, Chilli Hemp and Turnip Hemp

Hemp Paste

Cooked in unique stay-fresh formula
Excellent value for money
Soft and pliable
Firm enough to stay on the hook
Can be moulded around any hoohbait
Unique and innovative paste made with whole grains of hemp, coooked in a fish-friendly stay-fresh formula

Hemp Mash

This mash is 100%PVA friendly and has many uses. You can add to your stickmix/groundbait or just plug-in your spod over the content the reduce the losses on the flight towards the fed spot. Also perfect a as mix with pellets into PVA solid bags. Can be used straight from the bucket, does not need any preparation. It is long lasting so can be your companion during many sessions after opening the bucket.